班點除污機YH965   班點除污機YH966
We make the newest stain eliminators that meet the ec rules of ozonosphere protection of the world
environment-protection standards.
The equipments we offer are great for garment and dyeing industries.
We offer a series of stain eliminators, detergent for textile cleaning spray guns and spot eliminators. 
YH-965 is vertical and YH-966 is table type.    
Features of spot eliminators:      
Great for garment factory, textile plants dyeing industries, ironing plants, hotels,etc.
1. YH-965 stain eliminator: equipped with two powerful stainless steel vacuum socking disks, a 10-foot, high-temperature
     resisting exhaust pipe, and two cleaning spray guns that may eliminate spots with mixed liquid and detergent.
2. YH-966 table type stain eliminator, portable, economic, convenient and small space taking.
3. Spot eliminator powerful cleansing capability, no hurt on cloth, no color fading, instant drying and no traces.
4. Use the ideal spot eliminators we make for better productivity, lower cost, environment protection,
    noiseless good appearance.